Holy Crap I'm Getting Old

A Boomer’s Guide to getting prepared and organized.

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Multi-generational Living

Multi-generational Living Multi-generational living is becoming more and more common. Are there adult children you know living with their parents? How many parents do you know live with their grown kids? Do you know people who have children and parents both living with them? Multi-generational families, a thing of the past is becoming popular. There are many reasons for this trend Some move in because of economic reasons. The older generation  [ Read More ]

Bucket Lists: Do you have one?

Posted by nancy August - 2 - 2016 0 Comment
Bucket List

Bucket Lists! Have you given them much thought? My husband, Tom and I were having coffee and talking about our daughter who was in Germany on an internship. Her hard work and perseverance helped her to get position assisting a Ph.D. student. She visited neighboring European countries on weekends. We are grateful that she can have this experience. Tom said, one day he would like to travel and see Europe  [ Read More ]

Updating Your Will Is Critical

Posted by nancy April - 30 - 2016 0 Comment
updating your will

Updating Your Will by Nancy Perkins Updating Your Will – Critical You may ask, “Is updating your Will, Trust, Durable Power of Attorney and Advanced Directives critical?” The short answer is because your wishes and the laws may have changed. The other day I was having a simple conversation with my husband about how time is flying. I can hardly believe where I am in my life. For example we’ve been married  [ Read More ]

Eat Healthy To Be Healthy Commitment

Posted by nancy March - 16 - 2014 0 Comment

Eat healthy to be healthy commitment. Good Morning – It’s a great morning. Today I have set off on a journey.  And I am going to tell everyone about it. I joined a group (not sure if I can mention the name) that helps you monitor your weight loss. I have made the commitment. Normally I keep these things under wrap – in case I fail. But this time I  [ Read More ]

Death – An Inconvenient Part of Life.

Posted by nancy February - 1 - 2014 3 Comments

  Death – An Inconvenient Part of Life. Death. How often do you think of death or dying? Ironically, it’s very much a part of everyone’s life.  In the U.S., approximately 155,000 people die every day. Yet most people don’t think about it at all. I personally think death is inconvenient. There is rarely a good time for it. If it was an event, when would be an appropriate time  [ Read More ]

Mother-In-Laws, A Missed Celebration

Posted by nancy September - 14 - 2013 8 Comments

Mother-In-Laws, A Missed Celebration Have you heard the horror stories about Mother-In-Laws? Perhaps you have one. I’ve met a few women who’s relationship with their Mother-In-Law sounded like a frightening character in a novel or horror movie. I’ve been blessed to have the best  ever. Yes, I can say that! She is sweet and charming; but most of all, genuinely endearing. I call her “Mom.” I have known her for  [ Read More ]

“Never give up.” “You’re never too old.” These inspirational words were spoken by Baby Boomer Diana Nyad as she took her first steps onto the sand after swimming 53 hours straight. She’s proof that getting older doesn’t mean you have to slow down; it’s evident as Diana Nyad accomplishes her amazing lifelong goal. This sixty-four year old woman successfully completed a nearly 110 mile swim from Cuba to Key West,  [ Read More ]

Decluttering – Purging

Posted by nancy August - 30 - 2013 6 Comments

  Decluttering, purging … easier said than done! Have you ever looked into your closet and thought, “Wow, I need to get rid of this or that.” When the time comes for decluttering and purging, I have second thoughts: “I might need that someday.” When? Who knows, but I just might need it! My closet is a country unto itself. There is so much stuff in it – I usually don’t know where  [ Read More ]

Will You Or Won’t You? Estate Planning. True story. I knew a man, we’ll call him Gary. We knew him from our children’s school. Gary and I would run into each other at school every couple of weeks, when it was his turn to pick up. He was divorced. Forgetting that I already had a Living Trust in place, Gary was always trying to get me to do a Living  [ Read More ]

Baby Boomer Embraces Change

Posted by nancy June - 11 - 2013 1 Comment

Change: Embrace It   A Baby Boomer Embraces Change! How do you feel about change? How does it affect you? Do you avoid it? Well, I conducted a “man on the street” interview with a few people and received different opinions on change. The first person I asked was a middle aged man. Henry spent about eight months out of work last year. He said, “Change can be fearful, scary and  [ Read More ]